What is an Arborist?

An arborist is an expert on tree care.  The more technical definition is an arborist is a professional who studies, manages, cultivates, and cares for trees, shrubs, and other woody plants.  An arborist is also known as tree surgeon, arboriculturist, or tree expert.

A M&M Tree Care Arborist up in a tree.

What does an arborist do?

An arborist takes care of trees “from cradle-to-grave.”  In other words, they are kind of like doctors that specialize in trees helping plant new trees, keeping trees healthy, and properly removing dead or dying trees.  Some tasks arborists do include:

  • Planting
  • Transplanting
  • Diagnosing issues
  • Tree treatments for disease or pests
  • Fertilization
  • Trimming and pruning
  • Tree protection (i.e. protection from grazing, lightning, etc.)
  • Removal of competing plants
  • Safe removal of trees or limbs
  • Assisting in disputes between people regarding tree ownership, damage, etc.
ISA Certified Arborist logo

Are Arborist Certified?

Yes, certifications are available to be an arborist.  To ensure you work with someone who knows what they are doing as an arborist, in the USA you should look for an ISA Certified Arborist.

ISA is the International Society of Arboriculture which dedicates itself to promoting the best tree care practices worldwide.  ISA certification is accredited by the American National Standards Institute, and the certification lets you know that the arborist is trained and knowledgeable regarding the full spectrum of tree care (arboriculture) including best safety practices.

To be ISA certified, you must complete ISA training, complete ISA testing, and have worked full-time taking care of trees for three or more years.

Rich Mathey, Arborist - M&M Tree Care

What Qualifications Do You Need to be an Arborist?

Different companies require different things of their arborists.  Here are some of our qualifications.

  • Is an ISA Certified Arborist
  • Has a love for trees and tree care
  • Has the ability to work safely to protect people and property including adherence to all OSHA standards
  • Has a desire to complete all tasks with excellence
Tree being removed by M&M Tree Care

Do I Need an Arborist if I just want my Tree Cut Down?

It may be helpful to point out that a certified arborist does not necessarily cost you more for tree removal or any other tree care than “a guy down the road” who just hacks down trees.  A certified arborist should have the training and equipment to bring down a tree as efficiently as safely possible, which can help keep the cost down.

You should also expect the arborist:

  • Will let you know if your tree can be saved instead of removed, which often saves you money.
  • Has the knowledge to take down your tree so none of your property (i.e. house or garage) is damaged in the process
  • Has the proper insurance so if anything happens, their insurance company is liable and not you (if an uninsured contractor gets hurt while removing your tree, you could be responsible for the medical bills and lost wages while he or she is healing).
  • Will remove the tree to cause as little damage as possible to other nearby trees.

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