Tree Fertilization Services

Tree & Plant Fertilizer services by M&M Tree Care in Milwaukee, WI

Along with other professional tree services, we provide tree fertilizer applications when needed. Getting your trees on a fertilization program may be the best way to help keep them growing healthy and strong.

Trees require nutrients to live and thrive – that’s where tree fertilization services come in. When one or more of these nutrients are deficient in the soil, the tree will not reach its full landscape potential. It will also be more susceptible to disease and insect problems, and will have a shorter life than a similar, well-fertilized tree.

Trees in urban and suburban environments are often under high stress conditions due to low moisture availability, soil compaction, physical damage, nearby construction, and competition from turf and nearby trees and shrubs. Tree fertilization services may reduce the effect of environmental stresses such as these.

How Do You Know if Tree Fertilization Services are Needed?

A tree may need fertilizer if:

  • there is very little growth, even though it is established and there is adequate rainfall
  • leaves in midsummer do not have a good green color, but are yellowish
  • the leaves gradually become smaller year after year
  • its leaves turn to their autumn color and drop in August or early September

A tree may be getting adequate nutrients from the soil already, but it may benefit from additional tree fertilization services to keep it growing at its best. A healthy, vigorous tree is much less susceptible to attacks from disease, insects, and other stresses.

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