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With 7 ISA Certified Arborists on staff and one Certified Treecare Safety Professional, M&M Tree Care in Milwaukee is experienced and equipped to professionally care for your trees. Along with top notch expertise, our customers receive affordable tree care services! Keeping trees as healthy as possible in a safe and efficient manner is our top priority. It makes sound economic sense—keeping trees healthy is much more cost effective than treating a sick tree or removing a dying one.

So how do you keep trees in tip top shape? We offer several affordable tree care services to help. If you aren’t sure what you need, contact us for a free evaluation of your trees.

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Observing your trees throughout the seasons is a great way to help keep them healthy. Don’t be afraid to give us a call at 414-355-3420 to ask any questions! It’s best to address potential tree health issues as soon as possible.

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How to Keep Trees Healthy

Just like us, plants and trees need water to survive. However, unless low levels of rain or drought conditions are present, established trees typically don’t need extra water but keeping up with their nutritional needs is important. It’s also vital not to over water trees. Read a guide on watering trees in SE Wisconsin here.
Tree fertilizer can add to the soil’s nutrients. But understanding the needs of the individual species of tree and the soil makeup is essential in understanding what fertilizers to use, how much to apply, and when to apply them. Read tips on fertilizing trees here.
Insects & diseases can devastate a tree in a very short time, especially a tree that is stressed from drought, injury or root problems. You can be watering, fertilizing, mulching, pruning and sometimes diseases still find their way to your yard or property by way of wind, insects and animals. The best plan of action is early detection by a trained, experienced Arborist who can recommend the most appropriate treatment for the circumstance. Or better yet, contact M&M Tree Care and have one of our team members visit your property.
Mulch is one of the simplest and best ways to help trees grow healthy. Yes, we said one of the “best” ways. We were surprised too when we learned that studies indicate that simply adding a good level of mulch around trees significantly helps retain moisture, resulting in faster, healthier growth, more like the forest floor. So go out right now and add some mulch around all of your trees! (This website will still be here when you get back.) Learn more about the benefits of mulch here.
Digging around trees can lead to root injury and health problems, or even accidents when the tree loses structural integrity. Making a call to an Arborist before you dig will help ensure long term tree survival during construction.

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