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Tree Care for Business, Because People Assume a Well-Kept Property Outside Means a Well-Run Business Inside

Commercial Tree Care by M&M Tree Care in Milwaukee, WI

You know how the outside of your property looks can affect whether or not a potential client will walk through your door.  I am sure there were times you decided to never visit certain businesses because of how they looked on the outside.  Sometimes it is the building, sometimes it is the neighborhood, and sometimes it is the landscaping around the building telling you trees can make a difference.

It is not just that you need to have a nice-looking business.  If you want to have trees on your commercial property, it is often cheaper to perform a little yearly maintenance on your trees than it is to deal with a tree when there is a big problem.  For example, it is less of a headache to trim a small branch off than to replace a roof when a large branch falls on top of your building.

M&M Tree Care provides commercial tree care including tree health management, tree and shrub pruning, and mulching (plus snow removal services too) for commercial properties and municipalities, including condos, apartments, and business sites. Our experienced team provides a variety of tree care services so your trees can remain healthy for years to come!

At M&M, we can provide multi-year contracts (allowing you to lock in a rate) and monthly billing (enabling you to budget and spread out costs). We offer a variety of tree care services for businesses and organizations in the Metro Milwaukee area and throughout southeastern Wisconsin.

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Why Commercial Tree Care?

Properly maintained trees beautify your landscape to improve your brand image, create a welcoming environment for clients, tenants, and employees, plus it shows you are environmentally responsible, proactively taking care of the earth. With a little bit of maintenance, you can go from a bland look to gorgeous foliage on your property.

You can also potentially save money through prevention and taking care of tree problems while they are small instead of waiting for a tree to fall over. 

With the importance of first impressions, you need to win at projecting how great your company is before people even hit the door. Healthy trees and shrubs are an essential piece of projecting the right image from the outside of your property.

Why M&M Tree Care?

We are one of the largest family-owned tree care businesses in southeastern Wisconsin.  We keep our costs down by watching our pennies and find new customers through referrals from our other happy customers.  We are big enough that we own all the big equipment but small enough that we don’t feel like we need to charge you an arm and a leg to pay for national corporate offices.

We make safety a key, for our benefit and your benefit.  We are fully insured, and with seven arborists on staff, we have the training and knowledge to do the job right.  We also feel it’s a compliment that several local landscaping companies call us when their clients need help with their trees.

We are pleased to offer you our tailored Commercial Tree Care.  Whether you want a little trimming each year, so your trees keep a nice shape, or you want to invest in the health of your trees by ensuring their maximum health, we can service your needs.

We are dedicated tree specialists, not landscaping generalists with a “me too” answer just to get the work. We have the expertise, experience, and equipment to do the job right with prices that are just as competitive as your average landscaper. Since we live and breathe tree care, you will find we also do our work safer and quicker than your average landscaper as well. No wonder we handle tree and shrub care for several local landscapers!

We’ll create a custom plan for tree and shrub maintenance based on your specific needs. Items we can add to the plan include:

  • Pruning trees on a multi-year cycle can help mitigate storm damage.
  • Proper corrective pruning will keep plants growing healthy and looking good.
  • Our team treats insects and diseases common to this area. We ensure they are licensed and certified for pesticide applications.

Commercial Site Evaluation

At M&M Tree Care we can evaluate new commercial sites before construction to take advantage of existing trees. Our experienced team will make recommendations on which trees to keep and which to remove. Please note, roots of trees can extend beyond what most people expect. Digging around trees can endanger them. An evaluation can also help determine how close one can work near existing large trees. Our Arborists can help with the development of a plan to reduce the long-term damage to your trees during construction projects.

Lot Clearing

We also can clear trees, brush, and grind stumps from lots, preparing them for commercial development. We have the equipment to do the job quickly saving your team a lot of time from clearing lots on your own. We can also clear lots in a customized way, so unlike a bulldozer, we can preserve certain trees an architect or landscaper would like to incorporate into future use for the property while quickly removing the rest of the unwanted trees and shrubs.

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