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We are available to take your call 24 hours a day to provide emergency tree removal service and we ready to help you out when you have an emergency requiring tree or limb removal.  Yet there are more reasons you should choose M & M Tree Care in your time of need. Too many people make the mistake of hiring the first person that picks up the phone, and we want you to take a deep breath and make a smart decision for the sake of your pocket book and the sake of your trees.

Protect Your Pocket Book in a Tree Emergency

Please know we do not increase our rates in times of emergency.  While some companies may increase their rates after a big storm knowing people are desperate, we know you are our neighbors and you will not see our rates change immediately after a storm.  That is just part of old-fashioned integrity and we treat everyone honestly. Yet, there are more ways you need to protect your pocket book.

If you hire a small or part time tree removal company, they often do not have the right equipment to safely and quickly handle the job.  That means they will take extra-long to remove the tree, they will cause more damage trying to get the tree out, or both.  The last thing you need is more damage to your property.  Since we have experience with emergency tree removal, have the equipment to quickly handle big trees and limbs, and we are certified arborists, we are able to remove trees the fastest a tree can be safely removed.

We also have the experience to get you any paperwork your insurance company will require if you can file a claim for tree removal.  Often, if a building or vehicle on your property is damaged by a tree, most insurance companies will cover the tree removal cost (be sure to check your policy).

Since we have teams of tree care professionals, we are also able to handle a lot of tree removal jobs quickly.  That means, we get to you quicker and hopefully prevent further damage to your property by getting the tree out of the way fast.  Having a tree fall on your house is stressful enough without the stress of additional water damage to the inside of your house because more rainstorms came while waiting for a tree to get removed.

Protect Your Trees

Quite frankly, we love trees.  That means, if you have a tree damaged in a storm and you want us to try to save it, we will do the best we can to preserve the tree.  With our team of six ISA Certified Arborists, we have the knowledge to save a tree if there is any hope of saving the tree.  We also will be careful to prevent other trees from damage while taking care of the damaged tree.

While on your property, we can inspect your other trees, looking for less obvious signs of tree damage that might become an unpleasant surprise during the next high winds.  It is always better to proactively take care of your trees for your safety as well as the health of the tree.

Is This Tree My Responsibility?

When a tree or large limb from a tree falls, it is normally the responsibility of the person whose property the tree is on.  When a tree is on two different properties, normally the part of the tree on your property is what you are responsible for.  Some people voluntarily choose to take care of their neighbor’s tree removal when the tree that fell was from their own yard.  The best thing to do is check with your insurance company about coverage before paying for tree removal (and, the normal disclaimer, check with your lawyer to be absolutely sure, since we are tree experts, not law or insurance experts).

Are you ready for Emergency Tree Removal Service?

Emergency tree removal and clean-up is just one of the many tree care services provided by M&M Tree Care. We have six ISA Certified Arborists on our team to make sure our customers get the best service possible!

Please remember your personal safety comes first.  If there is a downed power line, call 911 and/or your electric utility company first. Make sure everyone stays clear of unstable branches or trees.


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