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Pewaukee, Wisconsin is the furthest west city in the M&M Tree Care service area. We include this “city in the country” in our service areas because there are many trees in Pewaukee – on this edge of Lake Country. Pewaukee tree care services are in high demand because of a construction boom a few years ago. Many of the trees planted in newer subdivisions at that time are now at an age where they need corrective pruning and co-dominant stem pruning to thrive and stay healthy.

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We have done a lot of work for the Pewaukee area over the years, as well as for commercial businesses and residents around Pewaukee Lake and downtown. We spend lots of time providing Pewaukee tree care services along Capitol Drive, Wisconsin Avenue and Meadowbrook Road helping the Lake Country area continue to have healthy trees! Contact us today for tree care or Pewaukee tree and stump removal service.

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