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Commercial Tree Care by M&M Tree Care in Milwaukee, WIWe proudly provide New Berlin tree care services, tree removal service, and tree treatments.  We provided New Berlin tree care needs for decades as one of our primary service areas since our very beginning.

One of the interesting things about New Berlin is the huge shift in the landscape between 1960, and 1980, when the city’s population almost doubled.  With the population growth came a lot of new housing and commercial buildings that went up, and with the new buildings came a lot of newly planted trees as part of the landscaping efforts.

Many of those trees that were newly planted with the landscaping back then are now 40-60 years old.  Trees that have been around for several decades provide great shade and a beauty that nothing else can really replace.  After all that time, however, some trees have grabbed a lot of the available nutrients out of the surrounding soil plus years of weather take their toll on trees, and weak trees tend to be more susceptible to diseases and infestations.

While some trees live for hundreds of years, other trees have a relatively short life span, and that life span is usually shorter in your backyard than in the forest.  Many fruit trees live to about 50-60 years, so apple trees planted during the New Berlin boom years are probably toward the end of their life.  It is not just fruit trees, but other trees can live only a few short decades.  For example, paper birch trees may live 80-100 years in the wild but often only live for 30-40 years in city lots.  Many trees, with the proper care, can live for an extended life, which is almost always a cheaper route than removing the tree.

Tree Service New Berlin, Wisconsin

What most people want to know is, “Can you help me with my trees?”  If you are in New Berlin or anywhere in Southeastern Wisconsin, yes, we can help you with your trees.  With our huge staff of full-time arborists, we can come out, inspect your trees for free, and let you know how your trees are doing.  We love trees, so we will let you know how best we can ensure the longest possible life for your trees, and we will be honest about when it is best just to take the tree down.

If you have a tree problem, we can help.  If you would like, feel free to learn more about our most popular tree services via the below links.









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