How to Identify Tree Bugs in Milwaukee: Tree Insect Control

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Emerald Ash Borer Tree Damage - Tree Insect Control

Not only do they provide relieving shade from the hot summer sun and a climbing course for your kiddos, but trees make our homes more beautiful and unique. Trees usually mean a lot to us, and of course we want them to be healthy. We water and prune, but are thinking about tree insect control to keep them strong? Do you know how to identify tree bugs and pest problems on your trees? Let’s take a look.

7 Tree Bugs To Watch For in SE Wisconsin

Tree bugs can do a number on your beloved trees in a short amount of time. According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources there are seven main insects threatening your tree’s health in the Milwaukee, Waukesha and Southeastern Wisconsin area. These seven are:

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Tree Bug Signs and Symptoms

The signs and symptoms of each individual tree insect do vary. However if you note any of the following signs on your trees, you most likely have your own personal tree pest:

  • carved out trails in wood
  • exit holes
  • small sawdust piles
  • defoliation (dying back of leaves & branches)
  • dark pits oozing sap
  • patches of yellow needles/leaves
  • egg masses in frothy glue-like material
  • cottony egg sacks under branches

It should also be mentioned that seeing any of these signs on one tree doesn’t mean the surrounding trees haven’t been affected. Insects often travel from tree to tree not only causing bark/leaf damage themselves but spreading other plant diseases.

What To If Seeing Signs of Tree Bugs

You’ve checked your trees up and down and found some signs of damage. Now what? What do you do when you’re sick? Seek professional help. Since 1968 M&M Tree Care has been successfully caring for the in the metro Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin area. We aren’t a landscape company that treats lawns and throws trees in the mix to round things off. We are tree experts with ISA certified arborists on staff. We are also one of the few TCIA Accredited (Tree Care Industry Association) companies in the state. Let the experts at M&M Tree Care nurse your trees back to health. Call us at 414-355-3420 or contact us online.

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