What is Chlorosis? Preventing Iron Chlorosis in Trees

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Chlorosis tree

Chlorosis is a nutritional disorder that many woody ornamental trees in Wisconsin experience, particularly in the southern and eastern portions of the state. It occurs most often because of the lack of micronutrients and poor fertilization, namely the deficiency of iron in the tree’s soil – causing many to call it “Iron Chlorosis.” Managing the health of your trees can begin by early detection of diseases. Let’s take a closer look at what Chlorosis is along with the symptoms and treatments.

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Chlorosis Symptoms

Iron Chlorosis Tree treated by M&M Tree Care

Yellowing of foliage characteristic of Chlorosis

Trees suffering from Chlorosis will exhibit yellowing leaves with dark green veins. In some occasions, the leaf can turn white with yellow veins. If you suspect that your trees are experiencing this deficiency, rule out all other possible causes, such as insect activity, that may be negatively affecting your greenery.

Chlorosis Treatment & Control

Luckily, it is easy to treat your landscape for Chlorosis and reinstate its natural color and appearance. Testing the pH level of affected trees to determine the alkaline level is helpful in determining the presence of Chlorosis. Once the deficiency is confirmed, applying soil fertilized with micronutrients like iron sulfate and elemental sulfur can be a simple, cost-effective, and successful treatment. Implementing this process will be most beneficial in either the autumn or early spring months.

Chlorosis Prevention

Although healing the Chlorosis affecting your trees is possible, taking preventative measures is always a good option. When possible select greenery that is more sustainable in high pH soils. Over watering can leach the soil of essential iron levels and other micronutrients, so reducing soil saturation by adding drainage is advantageous in maintaining the health of your landscape.

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